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After years of hard work, we're proud to offer digital marketers and online entrepreneurs not simply one great product, but everything a successful marriage needs in one rock-solid platform.


Dream Week Challenge redefines the paradigm for helping marriages become successful. Marketers can say goodbye to having to research, configure and experiment with a plethora of books, ebooks, videos while paying a separate and often exorbitant fee for each of them.


To quote many of our own customers: Dream Week Challenge truly is a miracle!


Now, you too can be part of our success. Become a Dream Week Challenge advocate, knowing that you would be proudly promoting a life changing product.


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Email Swipes​

Email #1: Introduction to the product

Subject Line:

  • Your marriage test reservation has been confirmed.
  • Have you taken your marriage test yet?
  • Over 50% of marriages fail.  Take the marriage test and see if your next.
  • Does your marriage need a little tweaking?  Try this 


Email Body:


We never understood why over 50% of marriages end up failing.  You have two people who fell in love in the beginning and then over the years things just fell apart.   Why is that?


Do you and your spouse fight over sex or money?


You're not alone.  The majority of divorces are caused by sex or money problems in the marriage.  I'm sure you have experienced some heated moments with your spouse over either topic.


Another common problem spouses face is simply drifting apart.   All of a sudden you realize your spouse is no longer fulfilling your needs or wants and so you push further away.  Before you know it your signing court papers.


It does't have to be this way.  There's actually a very simple solution that is sweeping the nation.


It's called Dream Week. 


Sounds provocative I know, but check this out.


They have created a marriage test that is crushing it.  Both you and your spouse take this simple multiple choice test and at the end it gives you a score.  It's crazy!




Taking this test will open up your eyes to what is really going on in your marriage, it's basically a big slap in the face.  It's definitely a wake up call.


The reaction people are having to their scores is pretty hilarious.


We asked one couple to give a rating of their marriage from 1 to 10.  They both agreed they were at an 8 1/2.  I then showed them this marriage test and had them both take it.  It revealed that the wife was at a 5 and the husband a 4.  Say what!!  They were shocked.


Needless to say they got started on the Dream Week Challenge and have increased their score to a 9!  Unbelievable.


Whether you think your marriages is on the rocks or in perfect harmony, take your free marriage test today and find out where you're really at.  It's mind blowing.


With so many people taking the test your spot can only be reserved for a short period of time.  Don't delay, I can't promise you it will still be available tomorrow so take a few minutes right now and just get it done!




I wish you the best and good luck taking your marriage test!

Email #2: Accelerate the promotion

Subject Line:

  • Confirmed.  This marriage test is crushing it
  • Don't be fooled, get the truth about your marriage with this simple test
  • The ultimate marriage challenge is now offering a free marriage test.  Here's yours
  • Are you falling flat in your marriage?  Do you need more from  your spouse?  Check this


Email Body:


Have you taken your marriage test yet?


It's currently available and your spot has been reserved, just click here to get started [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE]


What is the marriage test?


The good people at Dream Week Challenge have put together an ingenious questionnaire that digs deep in to your marriage behavior and reveals things that you didn't realize were happening in your marriage.  It's quite the eye opener.


Even if you don't do anything about it, it's a good idea to take the marriage test and at least see the temperature of your marriage at it's current state.


This is a free test so you have nothing to commit to and the results are for your eyes only.




With over 50% of marriages ending up in divorce, it's obvious people are fooled in to thinking it was something that it wasn't.


Sex, money and selfishness are the leading causes of divorce.  Have you and your spouse ever fought about one of those?


Yep.  Probably pretty recently too.


How selfish are you?  Ouch I know.   


How selfish do you think your spouse is?  


These questions will be clearly identified when you take the marriage test.


Having a happy and successful marriage isn't rocket science, yet it's extremely difficult to do.


Dream Week Challenge takes things back to the basics.  It's quite remarkable actually.  It's quite amazing that this simple philosophy is such a struggle for couples to pull off.  But don't worry, Dream Week makes it very simple.


Here is your link to the free marriage test.  Send it to your spouse as well so both of you can take the test.  The results are 10 times better when you both take it separately.




I wish you luck.  I'm hoping you get 100%!


Talk to you soon.

Email #3: Last push!

Subject Line:

  • Your Dream Week Marriage Test is closing soon.  
  • You and  your spouse deserve the best from each other.  This test will prove it.
  • There sex life increased 600% by taking this test.  Yours can too.
  • Take this marriage test and find out how to improve your marriage.  It's free.


Email Body:


What a rush!  People are going nuts over this marriage test.  Have you taken yours yet?


When you were dating your spouse you probably thought to yourself that they were as close to perfect as possible, right?  You would do anything for them.


Then you got married.  Life was good.


Then all of a sudden you didn't want to do everything for them.  Your spouse didn't want to do everything for you.


You started fighting more over daily things.  You started fighting over money.  You started fighting over sex.  Selfishness started to take over.


Let me guess, when you were first married you probably had sex 3 to 4 times a week.  How much are you having it now?


Ya, that's what I thought.


So far, on average couples increase their intimacy by 600% when they implement Dream Week.  Did your eyes just get a little bigger (and something else, haha).


Don't worry, there is so much more to Dream Week than just your sex life.  There are 11 areas that it covers so there is something for everyone.  It's pretty amazing actually.


It all begins with taking the free marriage test.  It's pretty much all multiple choice so it's very easy and goes by quickly.




Just make sure that you and your spouse take your own test, don't take it together.  You both have your own views of where you think each stage of  your marriage is at.  You'll be surprised seeing what your spouse results are.


Good luck!

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